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Far Flung album review:

"...What you find on the album is a collection of laidback, mellow hits that have dreamy overtones. This no copy cat swing-jazz album though; it has a sound unique to itself and a self confessed 'cool dark alternative twist!' think relaxing on a hot summer evening in the trendiest wine bars and you'll be starting to get the feeling of The Violet Jive...

...There are excellent jazz guitar sections ('Girl In Green') and the double bass is often pronounced and heavy, giving a deep, dark feeling to the music throughout. Whilst 'Girl In Green' has a somewhat cheeky, mischievous feel to it, all the music is very thought provoking, it's easy to get swept away in the melodies and latin rhythms highlighted by Steve's gentle yet powerful vocals. 'A Good Energy' is the Gig Guide's favourite with its heavy bass induced darkness and catchy chorus hooks."
-The GiG Guide (Album Review)

Story behind the name...

Click Here to Read the full colourful story behind The Violet Jive name, featuring Hula Girls, a Zombie and a Lei!

Mahalo for Looking!

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